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SEM News

SEM News:

We’re starting something new! Our news will now come through a newsletter email service. This will allow the updates and shared information to come directly to your inbox. Please take a moment to subscribe. We hope to begin our newsletters sometime this summer.


We are still working on editing and uploading our files to offer them for free to you. Watch below to see where we are at and what is up and coming.

SonLight Education Ministry is currently working on editing: Family Bible Lessons Year 3, Quarter 4.

Next in line for editing and release is Lesson 11.

Parts of Lessons 12 and 13 will be scanned (not updated) to share sometime this summer.


We are creating a couple new folders on our Google Drive for you to participate in.

One is called SCANNED AND SHARED. This folder will feature files that are scanned by book owners that have copies of our books we have not yet released. These do not have to be high quality, but they should be readable. This will help get more books available faster to more people. We hope if you are willing and able that you can share with us. Contact Melissa to find out how you can share your scanned books as pdf files.

A second is going to be a folder of SHARED RESOURCES. If you have created a form to use with SonLight and want to share it with others, we invite you to do so. If you have created penmanship pages with the Bible verses and are able to share, we invite you to do so. If you have created covers to booklets or unique filing systems, let us know and share your ideas. Basically, if you have created something to use with SonLight and you would like to share it with others, we invite you to do so. Please contact Melissa for more information on how to share your files.

Melissa can be contacted at


*Please note, we have removed the torrent files after hearing from a couple different sources that they
obtained viruses from downloading through the torrent file system. We cannot guarantee this will not
happen to others, so have chosen to discontinue this file sharing method. We apologize to those who
have had issues with this.

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