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October 2013

The month of August found our family attending a camp for Home School families in Manton, California run by Reini Roberson and her sons (for more information see their website at The theme was true education, so I knew I would be greatly blessed by attending. Dr Diane Bernett-Brendle was there and talked about the brain. These are my two favorite subjects, so I knew I would be doubly blessed.

The first day of arrival we were introduced to the theme song: “I’m pressing on the upward way” or “Higher Ground”. And we were told we would be memorizing Proverbs Chapter 3. I was being blessed already! During the camp we met many believers from all parts of California. We learned about the contrast between True and False Education, and  how God desires us to learn His ways and not the ways of the world. For a more in depth study on this subject see pages 374-387 of the Ten Principles program.

We were also taught the practical aspects of True Education. We cleaned, did gardening, worked in the kitchen, helped build and paint a shed and had classes on being a medical missionary. When these types of things are added to our schedule all the members of the family see the value of industry in our schooling. We see the benefit in our lives. “The people of this country have so little appreciation of the importance of industrious habits that the children are not educated to do real, earnest work. This must be a part of the education given to the youth.” FE 313. And I might add that if our children do not learn this when they are young, they will not want to do it when they are older either.

We met a delightful family from Kenya, Africa. They taught the Bible classes and spoke for the worship times. They run an orphanage for the many orphaned children of that country. They have over 200 children in residence and are desiring to teach them the principles of true education (for more information on their ministry see their website at We were greatly blessed and humbled by their sincere godliness and fervor for the Lord.

So why is true education so important as to have a whole camp devoted to the subject? First we should ask ourselves what is true education? It is many things. It is religion, it is the preparation of the physical, mental, and moral powers for the performance of every duty; it is the training of body, mind, and soul for divine service; it is the fear of the Lord, it is missionary training. True education is a knowledge of God. “The science of true education is the truth, which is to be so deeply impressed on the soul that it can not be obliterated by the error that everywhere abounds.” RH, August 22, 1912. We have an awesome responsibility before us, but we need to see it begins with Jesus. Let us pray that He will be our Counselor, Guide and Master Teacher.      

Amy W. Jennings


NEWSNOTES-SonLight USA October 2013

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  • Some of our favorite books on education is: The Bible; Education by EG White; Studies in Christian Education by EA Sutherland; The Bible in Education by AT Jones; and Education in the Bible by Marion Ernest Cady.
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