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SEM News

August 2015

Hello everyone,

I think it is about time that I introduce myself to you all.  My name is Melissa and I am the new Director of SonLight Education Ministry.  I have to thank Jeanie Cook for her many years of service and work within this ministry!  She still continues to work behind the scenes and we all appreciate that so much!  I am humbled to be leading this ministry, but feel blessed that she has hooked me up with many helpers to assist me in learning the ropes here at SonLight.  

Well, unlike Jeanie, I live in the middle of farm country in Iowa.  We have a small acreage on which we raise sheep and chickens.  We like to garden and we are still trying to hone our skills with preservation of all the foods and seeds.  This summer I have also helped my daughter with Farmer’s Market where she sells baked goods and I sell garden produce.  

As Jeanie mentioned in the last SEM News, I am also the Director of AHE, Adventist Home Educators.  You are all welcome to see what this ministry is about.  You can locate that ministry at the website of  This summer we have been blessed by Yolanda’s efforts in creating a mini-course for the Ten Principles of True Education course.  You may wish to hop over to the AHE blog (on the AHE website) and check out her posts.  

Part of my work here at SEM is to assist you in getting the help you need to make the free downloads work for you.  We want to continue for everyone to have access to the downloads and be able to understand how to use them.   This will be an ongoing work as more materials are planned to be released from time to time.   

We did make some changes to the download files and we hope that this will be more helpful to many of you.  We now offer downloads through the uTorrent file and via our Google Drive.  You can see the download page for more information about those options.  The uTorrent files were recently updated to have the combined files in the larger file sizes and are combined into catalogue groupings so you can find the materials you need more easily.  If you need something from another uTorrent file, a PDF will be inserted and direct you to the files you will need.   We pray that this is helpful to many of you.  

The recent updates of the downloads now include the Family Bible Lessons through Year 3, Quarter 2, and new in this last update is music for the memory verses of year 1 of the Family Bible Lessons.  

I am thankful for our counselors and I hope that you all take advantage of that assistance that is available.  You will find that list of counselors on the contact page, just scroll towards the bottom to find them all.  

Another option for getting support with the SEM materials is to join the “SonLight Education Ministry-SDA” Facebook Group.     A few of the counselors are also on the group and try to answer questions as they have time.  I have seen it to be a blessing to those starting out and trying to understand the SEM materials.  Some are just enjoying being able to visit with others that are using the same program.  You are all welcome to join us there.

We also have a SonLight Education Ministry Facebook page.  You can follow us there and when updates are made to the website or the ministry a note is mentioned there.

I ask you to be patient with us as we work out the details of how to keep everything running smoothly.  I am asking that you all send a message or leave a message if you are calling the main office.  I will be beginning our own school year and I need to limit interruptions to keep us on our own schedule.  I will try to return your call as soon as possible.  I do, however, respond sooner to emails, if that is easier for you.  I will return calls, but I work that around our own family activities going on.  I hope that this small change will be workable.  We will give it a try and see how to goes.  

I have enjoyed getting to know many of you this summer and look forward to seeing and hearing your own testimonies of where God is leading you and your families.  

Keep praying for SonLight Education Ministries.  We pray that it is a blessing for you and assists you in teaching your children and leading you to understand True Education and how to apply it in your homes.  God is working on the hearts of those volunteering their time and efforts to help you all.  We will try to keep these new resources before you.   

May God bless you all as you seek to follow God’s will for you in your life, in your home, in your family and all the other places it spills out as He leads you this coming year.  



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